Applied Physics

From first-principles modeling to device designs.

Our research in this area uses physics to develop new technologies or solve an engineering problem, including optimal design of freeform optics, metamaterials, photonic and solid-state semiconductor devices; the modeling and analysis of electro-magnetic systems and studies on superconductivity and magnets.

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    •  NEWS    MERL launches Postdoctoral Research Fellow program
      Date: September 21, 2022
      MERL Contacts: Philip V. Orlik; Anthony Vetro
      Research Areas: Applied Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Communications, Computational Sensing, Computer Vision, Control, Data Analytics, Dynamical Systems, Electric Systems, Electronic and Photonic Devices, Machine Learning, Multi-Physical Modeling, Optimization, Robotics, Signal Processing, Speech & Audio
      • Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) invites qualified postdoctoral candidates to apply for the position of Postdoctoral Research Fellow. This position provides early career scientists the opportunity to work at a unique, academically-oriented industrial research laboratory. Successful candidates will be expected to define and pursue their own original research agenda, explore connections to established laboratory initiatives, and publish high impact articles in leading venues. Please refer to our web page for further details.
    •  NEWS    MERL work on 3D Printing in Orbit featured in IEEE Spectrum
      Date: June 3, 2022
      Where: IEEE Spectrum
      MERL Contacts: Avishai Weiss; William S. Yerazunis
      Research Areas: Applied Physics, Communications, Robotics
      • MERL's research on on-orbit manufacturing was recently featured in an IEEE Spectrum article. The article, titled How Satellites Will 3D Print Their Own Antennas in Space gives an overview of MERL's efforts towards developing a system that construct spacecraft parts in their natural environment-- that is, in space. The technology, called OOM for On-Orbit Manufacturing, provides a way to manufacture not just antenna dishes, but general freeform sturctures on orbit and in a vacuum, using an solar-hardened resin based approach. This technology includes both a special high performance liquid resin, as well as a 3D freeform printer capable of building objects far larger than the as-launched satellite.

        An important aspect of the special resin is that all components have extremely low vapor pressures and do not boil away even in a vacuum. When exposed to solar ultraviolet, the resin hardens by polymerization crosslinking, forming a tough, rigid solid in a few seconds of exposure. No separate UV source is needed, making the entire process very energy efficient. Additionally, the crosslinking resin is heat resistant, and is unaffected to at least 400 degrees C. The 3D printer needed to print the resin is unlike common liquid-resin SLA printers- there is no vat of liquid resin, instead a shielded nozzle delivers the liquid resin directly to where the resin is needed. The result is the ability to construct large and very large structures, not just parabolic dishes, but also solar panel supports and structural trusswork, while in orbit. The system could even construct parts that were unanticipated during mission design and launch.

        MERL's On-Orbit Manufacturing Technology had previously been featured in a Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Press Release and was recently on display at a recent press exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

        IEEE Spectrum is the flagship magazine and website of the IEEE, the world’s largest professional organization devoted to engineering and the applied sciences. IEEE Spectrum has a circulation of over 400,000 engineers worldwide, making it one of the leading science and engineering magazines.

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  • Internships

    • MD1715: Electric Motor Fault Analysis

      MERL is seeing a motivated and qualified individual to conduct research on electric machine fault analysis and detection. The ideal candidate should have solid background in electric machine theory, modeling, numerical analysis, operation, and fault detection techniques, including machine learning. Research experiences on modeling and analysis of electric machines and fault detection are required. Hands-on experience with permanent magnet motor design and analysis, and knowledge on machine learning are desirable. Senior Ph.D. students in related expertise are encouraged to apply. Start date for this internship is flexible.

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  • Recent Publications

    •  Wang, B., Talukder, K., Sakamoto, Y., "Topological Data Analysis for Image-based Machine Learning: Application to Electric Motors", IEEE International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM), September 2022.
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    •  Yerazunis, W.S., Weiss, A., Radyjowski, P., Cottrell, R., "On-Orbit Fabrication of Spacecraft Structures by Direct Solar Photopolymerization", Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, July 2022.
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    •  Li, K., Matsuda, T., Nishimura, K., Yagyu, E., Teo, K.H., Rakheja, S., "Trapping Phenomena in GaN HEMTs with Fe- and C-doped Buffer", Device Research Conference, June 2022.
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