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  •  NEWS   Best doctoral dissertation award received by Visiting Research Scientist Thiago Serra
    Date: June 4, 2018
    Where: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    MERL Contacts: Arvind Raghunathan; Thiago Serra
    Research Area: Optimization
    • Thiago Serra, currently a Visiting Research Scientist in the Data Analytics group, has been awarded the Gerald L. Thompson Doctoral Dissertation Award in Management Science from the Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University. This is awarded each year to honor an outstanding doctoral dissertation involving theoretical, computational and applied contributions in the area of Management Science. One of the thesis chapters, "The Integrated Last-Mile Transportation Problem" was work performed at MERL in conjunction with Arvind Raghunathan during a summer internship. This work resulted in a patent application and will be presented at the 2018 International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS).
  •  NEWS   MERL researchers presented 11 papers at ACC 2017 (American Controls Conference)
    Date: May 24, 2017 - May 26, 2017
    MERL Contacts: Mouhacine Benosman; Daniel Burns; Claus Danielson; Stefano Di Cairano; Abraham Goldsmith; Uros Kalabic; Saleh Nabi; Daniel Nikovski; Arvind Raghunathan; Yebin Wang
    Research Areas: Control, Dynamical Systems, Machine Learning
    • Talks were presented by members of several groups at MERL and covered a wide range of topics:
      - Similarity-Based Vehicle-Motion Prediction
      - Transfer Operator Based Approach for Optimal Stabilization of Stochastic Systems
      - Extended command governors for constraint enforcement in dual stage processing machines
      - Cooperative Optimal Output Regulation of Multi-Agent Systems Using Adaptive Dynamic Programming
      - Deep Reinforcement Learning for Partial Differential Equation Control
      - Indirect Adaptive MPC for Output Tracking of Uncertain Linear Polytopic Systems
      - Constraint Satisfaction for Switched Linear Systems with Restricted Dwell-Time
      - Path Planning and Integrated Collision Avoidance for Autonomous Vehicles
      - Least Squares Dynamics in Newton-Krylov Model Predictive Control
      - A Neuro-Adaptive Architecture for Extremum Seeking Control Using Hybrid Learning Dynamics
      - Robust POD Model Stabilization for the 3D Boussinesq Equations Based on Lyapunov Theory and Extremum Seeking
  •  EVENT   MERL participates in SIAM Career fair
    Date & Time: Monday, July 11, 2016; 10 AM - 9:15 PM
    MERL Contacts: Matthew Brand; Piyush Grover; Joseph Katz; Arvind Raghunathan
    Location: Westin Boston Waterfront Pavilion, Boston, Massachusetts
    • MERL researchers participate in SIAM Job fair to showcase MERL's research and highlight employment and intern opportunities at MERL. The Career Fair emphasizes careers in business, industry, and government, and takes place during the SIAM Annual Meeting.

      The SIAM Applied Mathematics and Computational Science Career Fair is an informational and interactive event at which employers and prospective employees can discuss careers. It is a great opportunity for prospective employees to meet government and industry representatives and discuss what they are looking for and what each employer has to offer.
  •  TALK   Controlling the Grid Edge: Emerging Grid Operation Paradigms
    Date & Time: Thursday, July 7, 2016; 2:00 PM
    Speaker: Dr. Sonja Glavaski, Program Director, ARPA-E
    MERL Host: Arvind Raghunathan
    Research Area: Electric Systems
    • The evolution of the grid faces significant challenges if it is to integrate and accept more energy from renewable generation and other Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). To maintain grid's reliability and turn intermittent power sources into major contributors to the U.S. energy mix, we have to think about the grid differently and design it to be smarter and more flexible.

      ARPA-E is interested in disruptive technologies that enable increased integration of DERs by real-time adaptation while maintaining grid reliability and reducing cost for customers with smart technologies. The potential impact is significant, with projected annual energy savings of more than 3 quadrillion BTU and annual CO2 emissions reductions of more than 250 million metric tons.

      This talk will identify opportunities in developing next generation control technologies and grid operation paradigms that address these challenges and enable secure, stable, and reliable transmission and distribution of electrical power. Summary of newly announced ARPA-E NODES (Network Optimized Distributed Energy Systems) Program funding development of these technologies will be presented.
  •  NEWS   MERL makes a strong showing at the American Control Conference
    Date: July 6, 2016 - July 8, 2016
    Where: American Control Conference (ACC)
    MERL Contacts: Mouhacine Benosman; Scott Bortoff; Petros Boufounos; Daniel Burns; Claus Danielson; Stefano Di Cairano; Abraham Goldsmith; Piyush Grover; Uros Kalabic; Christopher Laughman; Daniel Nikovski; Arvind Raghunathan; Yebin Wang; Avishai Weiss
    Research Areas: Control, Dynamical Systems, Machine Learning, Optimization, Robotics, Data Analytics
    • The premier American Control Conference (ACC) takes place in Boston July 6-8. This year MERL researchers will present a record 20 papers(!) at ACC, with several contributions, especially in autonomous vehicle path planning and in Model Predictive Control (MPC) theory and applications, including manufacturing machines, electric motors, satellite station keeping, and HVAC. Other important themes developed in MERL's presentations concern adaptation, learning, and optimization in control systems.
  •  NEWS   MERL researchers present 10 papers at the American Controls Conference
    Date: July 3, 2015
    MERL Contacts: Daniel Nikovski; Yebin Wang; Uros Kalabic; Stefano Di Cairano; Arvind Raghunathan; Avishai Weiss; Daniel Burns
    • MERL researchers presented 10 papers at the American Controls Conference, in Chicago, USA. The ACC is one of the most important conferences on control systems in the world. Topics ranged from theoretical, including new algorithms for Model Predictive Control and Co-Design, to applications including spacecraft control and HVAC systems.
  •  NEWS   ACC 2013: 7 publications by Yebin Wang, Arvind U. Raghunathan, Scott A. Bortoff, Yiming Zhao, Zafer Sahinoglu and Stefano Di Cairano
    Date: June 17, 2013
    Where: American Control Conference (ACC)
    MERL Contacts: Scott Bortoff; Stefano Di Cairano; Yebin Wang; Arvind Raghunathan
    • The papers "Sub-optimal Control Design of a Semi-active Vibration Reduction System" by Wang, Y. and Utsunomiya, K., "Adaptive Estimation of State of Charge for Lithium-ion Batteries" by Fang, H., Wang, Y., Sahinoglu, Z., Wanda, T. and Hara, S., "Vehicle Yaw Dynamics Control by Torque-based Assist Systems Enforcing Driver's Steering Feel Constraints" by Zafeiropoulos, S. and Di Cairano, S., "Speed Profile Optimization for Optimal Path Tracking" by Zhao, Y. and Tsiotras, P., "Real-Time Energy-Optimal Trajeactory Generatin for a Servo Motor" by Zhao, Y., Wang, Y., Bortoff, S.A. and Ueda, K., "Global Optimization of Multi-period Optimal Power Flow" by Gopalakrishnan, A., Raghunathan, A.U., Nikovski, D., Biegler, L.T. and "Semismooth Equation Approach to Network Utility Maximization (NUM)" by Bai, L. and Raghunathan, A.U. were presented at the American Control Conference (ACC)
  •  NEWS   Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing 2012: publication by Arvind Raghunathan, Daniel N. Nikovski and others
    Date: October 1, 2012
    Where: Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing
    MERL Contacts: Arvind Raghunathan; Daniel Nikovski
    Research Area: Optimization
    • The paper "Global Optimization of Optimal Power Flow Using a Branch & Bound Algorithm" by Gopalakrishnan, A., Raghunathan, A.U., Nikovski, D. and Biegler, L.T. was presented at the Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing