PYROBOCOP: Python-based Robotic Control & Optimization Package for Manipulation


PYROBOCOP is a Python-based package for con-trol, optimization and estimation of robotic systems described by nonlinear Differential Algebraic Equations (DAEs). In par-ticular, the package can handle systems with contacts that are described by complementarity constraints and provides a gen-eral framework for specifying obstacle avoidance constraints. The package performs direct transcription of the DAEs into a set of nonlinear equations by performing orthogonal collocation on finite elements. PYROBOCOP provides automatic reformu-lation of the complementarity constraints that are tractable to NLP solvers to perform optimization of robotic systems. The package is interfaced with ADOL-C [1] for obtaining sparse derivatives by automatic differentiation and IPOPT [2] for performing optimization. We evaluate PYROBOCOP on several manipulation problems for control and estimation.


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  •  Raghunathan, A., Jha, D.K., Romeres, D., "PYROBOCOP: Python-based Robotic Control & Optimization Package for Manipulation", arXiv, DOI: 10.48550/​arXiv.2106.03220, March 2022.
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