Reachability-based Decision Making for City Driving

    •  Ahn, H., Berntorp, K., Di Cairano, S., "Reachability-based Decision Making for City Driving", American Control Conference (ACC), DOI: 10.23919/ACC.2018.8431819, June 2018, pp. 3203-3208.
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    Control, Dynamical Systems

This paper presents the design of a discrete decision making algorithm for vehicles with advanced driver-assistance and automated features. We model the system as a hybrid automaton, where transitions between discrete modes in the automaton correspond to driving mode decisions, and develop a method to determine the timing of mode transitions based on backward and forward reachable sets. The algorithm can be used either as a stand-alone component or as a method to guide an underlying motion planner to safe reference trajectories. Under certain assumptions, the algorithm guarantees safety and liveness, which can be validated through computer simulations on a city driving scenario that requires going through multiple discrete modes and includes several surrounding moving obstacles.


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