Forward Dynamics Estimation from Data-Driven Inverse Dynamics Learning


In this paper, we propose to estimate the forward dynamics equations of mechanical systems by learning a model of the inverse dynamics and estimating individual dynamics components from it. We revisit the classical formulation of rigid body dynamics in order to extrapolate the physical dynamical components, such as inertial and gravitational components, from an inverse dynamics model. After estimating the dynamical components, the forward dynamics can be computed in closed form as a function of the learned inverse dynamics. We tested the proposed method with several machine learning models based on Gaussian Process Regression and compared them with the standard approach of learning the forward dynamics directly. Results on two simulated robotic manipulators, a PANDA Franka Emika and a UR10, show the effectiveness of the proposed method in learning the forward dynamics, both in terms of accuracy as well as in opening the possibility of using more structured models.


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  •  Dalla Libera, A., Giacomuzzo, G., Carli, R., Nikovski, D., Romeres, D., "Forward Dynamics Estimation from Data-Driven Inverse Dynamics Learning", arXiv, July 2023.
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