Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis Using Pre-Processing and Time-Delay Autoencoder


This paper proposes an anomaly detection algorithm for a factory automation system, which jointly performs data pre-processing and time-delay autoencoder (TDAE) with a hybrid loss function. The source data are pre-processed by digital filters before feeding into a TDAE for anomaly detection. The digital filters extract analog signals from a variety of frequency bands to facilitate identifying anomalies. The pre-processed data then takes time-delay reform to explore temporal relationship of data signals. In addition, two anomaly diagnosis algorithms, a statistical based method and an autoencoder based method, are presented. Numerical results show that time-delay reform can improve the anomaly detection accuracy compared to the conventional autoencoder. Data pre-processing can further improve the anomaly detection accuracy. Moreover, we confirm that our anomaly diagnosis algorithms outperform traditional method that does not perform data pre-processing and time-delay reform.


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