Yanting Ma

Yanting Ma
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    Yanting's research interests are mainly in algorithm design and analysis for inverse problems arising in computational sensing using statistical inference and optimization techniques. Additionally, she is generally interested in applied probability and convex analysis. Her PhD research focused on algorithmic and theoretical studies of approximate message passing, as well as provably convergent optimization algorithms for nonlinear diffractive imaging. Her postdoctoral work developed principled methods for dead time compensation for single-photon detectors based on Markov chain modeling.

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    • Title: "Systems and Methods of Fusing Multi-angle View HD Images Based on Epipolar Geometry and Matrix Completion"
      Inventors: Liu, Dehong; Ma, Yanting; Mansour, Hassan; Kamilov, Ulugbek; Taguchi, Yuichi; Boufounos, Petros T.; Vetro, Anthony
      Patent No.: 10,212,410
      Issue Date: Feb 19, 2019
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