Ye Wang

Ye Wang
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    Ye was a member of the Information Systems and Sciences Laboratory at Boston University, where he studied information-theoretically secure multiparty computation. His current research interests include information security, biometric authentication, and data privacy.

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    • SP1366: Robust Machine Learning

      MERL is seeking a highly motivated and qualified intern to work on robust machine learning techniques. The intern will collaborate with MERL researchers on developing novel approaches to address the problem of adversarial examples. The ideal candidate would have research experience in robust machine learning methods and defenses against adversarial examples. A mature understanding of modern machine learning methods, proficiency with Python, and familiarity with deep learning frameworks are expected. Proficiency with other programming languages and software development experience is a plus. Candidates at or beyond the middle of their Ph.D. program are encouraged to apply.

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  • MERL Issued Patents

    • Title: "Method and Systems using Privacy-Preserving Analytics for Aggregate Data"
      Inventors: Wang, Ye; Raval, Nisarg Jagdishbhai; Ishwar, Prakash
      Patent No.: 10,452,865
      Issue Date: Oct 22, 2019
    • Title: "Irregular Polar Code Encoding"
      Inventors: Koike-Akino, Toshiaki; Wang, Ye; Draper, Stark C.
      Patent No.: 10,313,056
      Issue Date: Jun 4, 2019
    • Title: "Soft-Output Decoding of Codewords Encoded with Polar Code"
      Inventors: Wang, Ye; Koike-Akino, Toshiaki; Draper, Stark C.
      Patent No.: 10,312,946
      Issue Date: Jun 4, 2019
    • Title: "Method and Systems using Privacy-Preserving Analytics for Aggregate Data"
      Inventors: Wang, Ye; Hattori, Mitsuhiro; Hirano, Takato; Shimizu, Rina; Matsuda, Nori
      Patent No.: 10,216,959
      Issue Date: Feb 26, 2019
    • Title: "Privacy Preserving Statistical Analysis on Distributed Databases"
      Inventors: Wang, Ye; Lin, Bing-Rong; Rane, Shantanu D.
      Patent No.: 10,146,958
      Issue Date: Dec 4, 2018
    • Title: "Method and System for Determining Hidden States of a Machine using Privacy-Preserving Distributed Data Analytics and a Semi-trusted Server and a Third-Party"
      Inventors: Wang, Ye
      Patent No.: 9,471,810
      Issue Date: Oct 18, 2016
    • Title: "Method for Determining Hidden States of Systems using Privacy-Preserving Distributed Data Analytics"
      Inventors: Wang, Ye; Rane, Shantanu D.; Xie, Qian
      Patent No.: 9,246,978
      Issue Date: Jan 26, 2016
    • Title: "Privacy Preserving Statistical Analysis for Distributed Databases"
      Inventors: Rane, Shantanu D.; Lin, Bing-Rong; Wang, Ye
      Patent No.: 8,893,292
      Issue Date: Nov 18, 2014
    • Title: "Secure Multi-Party Computation of Normalized Sum-Type Functions"
      Inventors: Rane, Shantanu D.; Sun, Wei; Wang, Ye
      Patent No.: 8,473,537
      Issue Date: Jun 25, 2013
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