Distributed Cyclic Delay Diversity for Cooperative Infrastructure-to-Vehicle Systems

In this paper, a distributed cyclic delay diversity (dCDD) is proposed to the cooperative infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V) system comprising one road side unit (RSU). At a particular time, to connect a RSU and a target vehicle outside each other’s transmission range, a multiple number of vehicles located within the transmission ranges of both the RSU and the target vehicle are configured to operate as the dCDD based decode-and-forward (DF) cooperative relays. By using dCDD in the I2V system, the transmission range of the RSU is extended without the need of full channel state information of the vehicles at the RSU, and the transmit diversity gain can also be achieved. For this new preliminary setting of the I2V system, we conduct performance analysis. The simulations are conducted to verify the outage probability. The asymptotic outage diversity gain is also investigated and justified by the link level simulations.