Metamaterial Absorber for THz Polarimetric Sensing

    •  Wang, B., Sadeqi, A., Ma, R., Wang, P., Tsujita, W., Sadamoto, K., Sawa, Y., Rezaei Nejad, H., Sonkusale, S., Wang, C., Kim, M., Han, R., "Metamaterial Absorber for THz Polarimetric Sensing", SPIE Photonics West, DOI: 10.1117/​12.2293122, February 2018, vol. 10531.
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    Applied Physics


THz encoders have distinct advantages for position sensing compared with other types of encoders, such as those based on optical and inductive sensors. A polarization-dependent metamaterial absorber reflects one polarization while absorbs the other, which makes it an ideal building block for the barcode of a THz encoder system. In this paper, we present the design, fabrication, and experiments of a THz polarization-dependent metamaterial absorber, and its application to a polarimetric sensing system.


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