Sparse Preconditioning for Model Predictive Control

    •  Knyazev, A., Malyshev, A., "Sparse Preconditioning for Model Predictive Control", American Control Conference (ACC), DOI: 10.1109/​ACC.2016.7526060, July 2016, pp. 4494-4499.
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We propose fast O(N) preconditioning, where N is the number of gridpoints on the prediction horizon, for iterative solution of (non)-linear systems appearing in model predictive control methods such as forward-difference Newton-Krylov methods. The Continuation/GMRES method for nonlinear model predictive control, suggested by T. Ohtsuka in 2004, is a specific application of the Newton-Krylov method, which uses the GMRES iterative algorithm to solve a forward difference approximation of the optimality equations on every time step.


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