X-Disco: Cross-technology Neighbor Discovery


With the explosive proliferation of wireless devices, our lives are improved by various applications supported by heterogeneous wireless technologies, such as WiFi and ZigBee. However, the coexistence of WiFi and ZigBee also results in the degradation of the network performance, which cannot be avoided if the WiFi devices are even unaware of the ambi- ent ZigBee devices. To better accommodate the heterogeneous wireless devices, this paper presents X-Disco, the first cross- technology neighbor discovery mechanism, for a WiFi device to detect ZigBee neighbors, without modification to hardware or firmware. With the help of the recently proposed cross-technology communication, X-Disco enables a commodity WiFi device to trigger responses, containing ZigBee neighbor information, from the ambient ZigBee coordinators (including routers). Through exploring the WiFi PHY-layer information accessible by WiFi driver, X-Disco decodes the responded ZigBee messages and obtains the ZigBee neighbor information. To improve X-Disco’s reliability, we also propose ZigBee neighbor validation and inter- ruption mitigation to exclude hidden node terminals and mitigate the interference caused by the ambient WiFi traffic respectively. The evaluation of X-Disco is performed on the commodity devices (TP-Link WDR 4300 WiFi router, TelosB motes) and USRP B210. The results demonstrate X-Disco successfully detects nine ZigBee neighbors within 70ms in the office.