Stochastic optimal control formalism for an open quantum system

    •  Lin, Chungwei, Sels, Dries, Ma, Yanting, Wang, Yebin, "Stochastic optimal control formalism for an open quantum system", Tech. Rep. TR2020-163, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Cambridge, MA, December 2020.
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    Applied Physics, Control, Dynamical Systems

A stochastic procedure is developed which allows one to express Pontryagin’s maximum principle for dissipative quantum system solely in terms of stochastic wave functions. Time-optimal controls can be efficiently computed without computing the density matrix. Specifically, the proper dynamical update rules are presented for the stochastic costate variables introduced by Pontryagin’s maximum principle and restrictions on the form of the terminal cost function are discussed. The proposed procedure is confirmed by comparing the results to those obtained from optimal control on Lindbladian dynamics. Numerically, the proposed formalism becomes time and memory efficient for large systems, and it can be generalized to describe non-Markovian dynamics