Fingerprinting-Based Outdoor Localization with 28-GHz Channel Measurement: A Field Study


This paper considers localization with 28-GHz millimeter wave (mmWave) channel measurements in an outdoor environment. Compared with mmWave channel characterization by real-world experiments, localization using real-world 28-GHz experiments has been much less reported. To fill the gap, we report here a preliminary field study of using real-world 28-GHz channel frequency responses (CFR) with a wide bandwidth of 500 MHz for outdoor localization. Specifically, we employ a fingerprinting-based localization approach by registering the location information using multiple wideband CFR measurements and exploring the transmit-receive antenna polarization. Our experimental results demonstrate that, with a full bandwidth of 500 MHz, a correlation-based fingerprinting localization can fully identify all 8 locations with a 1-m separation without any error. The probability of successful localization reduces to 97% or 91.5%, respectively, when two or just one narrowband (< 15 MHz) CFR measurements are used for the training dataset.