Energy-Efficient Collision-Free Trajectory Planning Using Alternating Quadratic Programming

    •  Zhao, Y., Wang, Y., Bortoff, S.A., Nikovski, D., "Energy-efficient Collision-free Trajectory Planning Using Alternating Quadratic Programming", American Control Conference (ACC), DOI: 10.1109/ACC.2014.6859076, ISSN: 0743-1619, ISBN: 978-1-4799-3272-6, June 2014, pp. 1249-1254.
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    Control, Optimization, Dynamical Systems

This paper considers the planning of collision-free and energy-optimal trajectories for linear systems with decoupled dynamics for different degrees of freedom. A direct transcription of such a problem generally results in a non-convex problem due to the collision avoidance constraint. In this paper we propose a novel Alternating Quadratic Programming (AQP) algorithm to deal with the non-convex collision avoidance constraint, and generate a suboptimal solution for the original problem by alternatively solving a number of subproblems. It is proved that the AQP algorithm is guaranteed to converge, and the solution is locally optimal when the boundary of the collision-free region satisfies certain properties. The speed and energy-saving performance of the proposed method are demonstrated by numerical examples.