Employment at MERL

A letter from our Chairman . . .

MERL's overriding vision is to deliver innovation that has a lasting impact on the world - innovation that will be remembered 100 years from now. For more than 25 years we have produced cutting edge technological advances, fundamentally rethinking a number of problems and delivering radical improvements.

MERL is home to some of the world's leading experts in a variety of Artificial Intelligence areas (such as Computer Vision, Data Analytics and Speech & Audio Processing), Cyber-Physical systems areas (such as Signal Processing, Control, Dynamical Systems, Multi-Physical Modeling), and the design of Algorithms and Semiconductor Devices. As a member of our staff you will enjoy a high level of autonomy and collaboration, driving rapid progress in interdisciplinary projects.

Stable long-term funding from our parent company, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, provides freedom to choose aggressive long-term goals and make foundational scientific contributions. Close connections with our corporate parent enable a great avenue to turn scientific breakthroughs into products, with immediate and strong impact on the world.

MERL is also part of the wider academic community, as attested by the number and significance of our refereed publications. Publication of research output is highly encouraged, as well as participation in a wide variety of academic activities, such as editorial boards, technical committees, and conference program committees. This interaction with academia helps keep us energized, at the frontier of science, and ready to develop the next great innovation.

We are hiring highly qualified and motivated individuals who share our vision. As part of our team, your research will focus on fundamental problems with wide applicability. If you share our vision and motivation, take a look at our job openings or our internship positions and apply!

— Richard (Dick) Waters

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    Year-round openings for graduate students interned in a research internship.


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    Employment Openings

    We are always on the lookout for exceptional scientists and engineers to join MERL.


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    Unique opportunity for early career scientists to pursue their own research agenda.


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    University faculty members are invited to spend part or all of their sabbaticals at MERL.