A Modular 1D-CNN Architecture for Real-time Digital Pre-distortion


This study reports a novel hardware-friendly modular architecture for implementing one dimensional convolutional neural network (1D-CNN) digital predistortion (DPD) technique to linearize RF power amplifier (PA) real-time. The modular nature of our design enables DPD system adaptation for variable resource and timing constraints. Our work also presents a co-simulation architecture to verify the DPD performance with an actual power amplifier hardware-in-the-loop. The experimental results with 100 MHz signals show that the proposed 1DCNN obtains superior performance compared with other neural network architectures for real-time DPD application.


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  •  De Silva, U., Ma, R., Koike-Akino, T., Yamashita, A., Nakamizo, H., "Modular 1D-CNN Architecture for Real-time Digital Pre-distortion", arXiv, October 2021.
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