Assignment and Control of Two-Tiered Vehicle Traffic

    •  Nilsson, G., Grover, P., Kalabić, U., "Assignment and Control of Two-Tiered Vehicle Traffic", IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), DOI: 10.1109/​CDC.2018.8619411, December 2018.
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  • Research Areas:

    Control, Optimization


This work considers the assignment of vehicle traffic consisting of both individual, opportunistic vehicles and a cooperative fleet of vehicles. The first set of vehicles seek a user-optimal policy and the second set seeks a fleet-optimal policy. We provide explicit sufficient conditions for the existence and uniqueness of a Nash equilibrium at which both policies are satisfied.
We also propose two different algorithms to determine the equilibrium, one centralized and one decentralized. Furthermore, we present a control scheme to attain such an equilibrium in a dynamical network flow. An example is considered showing the workings of our scheme and numerical results are presented.