Existence Conditions of A Class of Continuous Curvature Paths

    •  Dai, J., Wang, Y., "Existence Conditions of A Class of Continuous Curvature Paths", Chinese Control Conference (CCC), DOI: 10.23919/ChiCC.2017.8028426, July 2017.
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    Control, Robotics

Local steering, which constructs a kinematically or dynamically feasible path between two configurations, is a core component of various path planning methods. This paper investigates the continuous curvature (CC) steering for car-like robots subject to constraints on velocity, curvature and derivative of the curvature. Based on the u-tangency conditions in [9], we establish existence conditions for a class of CC paths which admit the same driving patterns as the Reeds-Shepp paths [6]. These conditions allow efficient implementation of the CC steering, which enables real-time CC path planning. The feasibility and computation efficiency of the resultant CC steering are validated by numerical simulations.