High-Throughput Visual MIMO Systems for Screen-Camera Communications

    •  Fujihashi, T., Koike-Akino, T., Orlik, P.V., Watanabe, T., "High-Throughput Visual MIMO Systems for Screen-Camera Communications", IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, April 2020.
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    Communications, Signal Processing

Screen-camera communications, using a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen and camera image sensors, have been attractive variants of visible light communications (VLC) since any external light-emitting modules and photo detectors are required for recent mobile devices, which are usually equipped with display and camera. A major issue in screen-camera communications is a performance loss in transmission rate due to nonlinear channel impairments with ambient noise. To improve transmission rates, we investigate the impact of nonlinear channel equalization, nonbinary channel coding, probabilistic shaping, and nonlinear precoding for high-order modulation schemes. Experimental evaluations using an LCD screen and camera demonstrate that our proposed scheme achieves 3.8–3.3 times higher transmission rates compared to existing schemes for a communication distance of 60–160 cm.