Joint 3D Reconstruction of a Static Scene and Moving Objects

    •  Caccamo, S., Ataer-Cansizoglu, E., Taguchi, Y., "Joint 3D Reconstruction of a Static Scene and Moving Objects", International Conference on 3D Vision, October 2017.
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  • Research Areas:

    Computer Vision, Robotics


We present a technique for simultaneous 3D reconstruction of static regions and rigidly moving objects in a scene. An RGB-D frame is represented as a collection of features, which are points and planes. We classify the features into static and dynamic regions and grow separate maps, static and object maps, for each of them. To robustly classify the features in each frame, we fuse multiple RANSAC-based registration results obtained by registering different groups of the features to different maps, including (1) all the features to the static map, (2) all the features to each object map, and (3) subsets of the features, each forming a segment, to each object map. This multi-group registration approach is designed to overcome the following challenges: scenes can be dominated by static regions, making object tracking more difficult; and moving object might have larger pose variation between frames compared to the static regions. We show qualitative results from indoor scenes with objects in various shapes. The technique enables on-the-fly object model generation to be used for robotic manipulation.


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