Detection of a 1Tb/s superchannel with a single coherent receiver

    •  Millar, D.S., Lavery, D., Maher, R., Pajovic, M., Koike-Akino, T., Paskov, M., Savory, S.J., Bayvel, P., Thomsen, B.C., Kojima, K., Parsons, K., Alvarado, A., "Detection of a 1Tb/s Superchannel with a Single Coherent Receiver", European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), DOI: 10.1109/​ECOC.2015.7341618, September 2015, pp. 1-3.
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    Communications, Signal Processing


We demonstrate detection of a superchannel with net bit rate in excess of 1 Tb/s with a single coherent receiver. Novel, pilot-aided equalization and carrier recovery algorithms enable detection of an 11 x 10 GBd DP-64QAM Nyquist superchannel (1.32 Tb/s gross bit rate).


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