Calibration of Non-Overlapping Cameras Using an External SLAM System

    •  Ataer-Cansizoglu, E., Taguchi, Y., Ramalingam, S., Miki, Y., "Calibration of Non-overlapping Cameras Using an External SLAM System", International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV), DOI: 10*1109/​eDV.2014.106, December 2014, pp. 509-516.
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  • Research Area:

    Computer Vision


We present a simple method for calibrating a set of cameras that may not have overlapping field of views. We reduce the problem of calibrating the non-overlapping cameras to the problem of localizing the cameras with respect to a global 3D model reconstructed with a simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) system. Specifically, we first reconstruct such a global 3D model by using a SLAM system using an RGB-D sensor. We then perform localization and intrinsic parameter estimation for each camera by using 2D-3D correspondences between the camera and the 3D model. Our method locates the cameras within the 3D model, which is useful for visually inspecting camera poses and provides a model-guided browsing interface of the images. We demonstrate the advantages of our method using several indoor scenes.


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