Anomaly Detection in Real-Valued Multidimensional Time Series

    •  Jones, M., Nikovski, D., Imamura, M., Hirata, T., "Anomaly Detection in Real-valued Multidimensional Time Series", ASE Bigdata/Socialcom/Cyber Security Conference, June 2014.
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    Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics


We present a new algorithm for detecting anomalies in real valued multidimensional time series. Our algorithm uses an exemplar-based model that is used to detect anomalies in single dimensions of the time series and a function that predicts one dimension from a related one to detect anomalies in multiple dimensions. The algorithm is shown to work on a variety of different types of time series as well as to detect a variety of different types of anomalies. We compare our algorithm to other algorithms for both one-dimensional and multidimensional time series and demonstrate that it improves over the state-of-the-art.


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