Construction of High-Girth QC-LDPC Codes

    •  Wang, Y., Yedidia, J.S., Draper, S.C., "Construction of High-Girth QC-LDPC Codes", Turbo Coding, September 2008.
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TR Image
A parity-check matrix and four p×p circulant permutation matrices
(I(p1), I(p2), I(p3) and I(p4)) selected from it.

We describe a hill-climbing algorithm that constructs high-girth quasi-cyclic low density parity check (QC-LDPC) codes. Given a desired girth, the algorithm can find QC-LDPC codes of shorter block-length in much less time compared with the previously proposed "guess-and-test" algorithm. An analysis is also provided to explain when guess-and-test would be expected to perform well or badly.


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