DeepCASD: An End-to-End Approach for Multi-Spectural Image Super-Resolution

Multi-spectral (MS) image super-resolution aims to reconstruct super-resolved multi-channel images from their low-resolution images by regularizing the image to be reconstructed. Recently datadriven regularization techniques based on sparse modeling and deep learning have achieved substantial improvements in single image reconstruction problems. Inspired by these data-driven methods, we develop a novel coupled analysis and synthesis dictionary (CASD) model for MS image super-resolution, by exploiting a regularizer that operates within, as well as across, multiple spectral channels using convolutional dictionaries. To learn the CASD model parameters, we propose a deep dictionary learning framework, named DeepCASD, by unfolding and training an end-to-end CASD based reconstruction network over an image data set. Experimental results show that the DeepCASD framework exhibits improved performance on multi-spectral image super-resolution compared to state-of-the-art learning based super-resolution algorithms.