A Block Diagonal Jacket Matrices for MIMO Broadcast Channels


Block diagonalization (BD) is a linear precoding technique for multiuser multi-input multi-output (MIMO) broadcast channels such that it completely eliminates the multiuser interference. We investigate the problem of multi- cell multi-user co-channel transmission, where in both inter-cell interference and inter-user interference should be well managed. Interference alignment (IA) is theoretically proved to be a promising technology in managing co-channel interference. In this paper, we present an efficient multi-cell coordinated linear beamforming method where IA is combined with MU-MIMO to achieve high performance multi-cell cooperative transmission. We extend to a multiple-cells scenario and jointly design transmit and receiver beamforming vectors. We also apply the block diagonal Jacket matrices decomposition and extend the block diagonal channel decomposition with which the MIMO broadcast channel capacity can be achieved.