Speech-Based UI Design for the Automobile

    •  Schmidt-Nielsen, B., Harsham, B., Raj, B., Forlines, C., "Speech-Based UI Design for the Automobile" in Handbook of Research on User Interface Design and Evaluation for Mobile Technology, Lumsden, J., Eds., vol. 1, chapter 15, pp. 237-252, Information Science Reference, February 2008.
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    Speech & Audio

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Subjects were significantly faster at finding songs with the SILO interface.

In this chapter we discuss a variety of topics relating to speech-based user interfaces for use in an automotive environment. We begin by presenting a number of design principles for the design of such interfaces, derived from several decades of combined experience in the development and evaluation of spoken user interfaces (UI) for automobiles, along with three case studies of current automotive navigation interfaces.

Finally, we present a new model for speech-based user interfaces in automotive environments that recasts the goal of the UI from supporting the navigation among and selection from multiple states to that of selecting the desired command from a short list. We also present experimental evidence that UIs based on this approach can impose significantly lower cognitive load on a driver than conventional UIs.


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