iLamps: Geometrically Aware and Self-Configuring Projectors

    •  Raskar, R., van Baar, J., Beardsley, P., Willwacher, T., Rao, S., Forlines, C., "iLamps: Geometrically Aware and Self-configuring Projectors", ACM SIGGRAPH, , July 2006.
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    Computer Vision

Projectors are currently undergoing a transformation as they evolve from static output devices to portable, environment-aware, communicating systems. An enhanced projector can determine and respond to the geometry of the display surface, and can be used in an ad-hoc cluster to create a self-configuring display. Information display is such a prevailing part of everyday life that new and more flexible ways to present data are likely to have significant impact. This paper examines geometrical issues for enhanced projectors, relating to customized projection for different shapes of display surface, object augmentation, and co-operation between multiple units.We introduce a new technique for adaptive projection on non-planar surfaces using conformal texture mapping. We describe object augmentation with a hand-held projector, including interaction techniques. We describe the concept of a display created by an ad-hoc cluster of heterogeneous enhanced projectors, with a new global alignment scheme, and new parametric image transfer methods for quadric surfaces, to make a seamless projection. The work is illustrated by several prototypes and applications.


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      Date: July 30, 2006
      Where: ACM SIGGRAPH
      MERL Contacts: Ronald Perry; Jeroen van Baar
      • The papers "Cartoon Dioramas in Motion" by Raskar, R., Ziegler, R. and Willwacher, T., "Non-photorealistic Camera: Depth Edge Detection and Stylized Rendering Using Multi-flash Imaging" by Raskar, R., Feris, R., Yu, J. and Turk, M., "RFIG Lamps: Interacting with a Self-Describing World via Photosensing Wireless Tags and Projectors" by Raskar, R., Beardsley, P., van Baar, J., Wang, Y., Dietz, P., Lee, J., Leigh, D. and Willwacher, T., "Designing with Distance Fields" by Frisken, S.F. and Perry, R.N., "An Improved Representation for Stroke-based Fonts" by Jakubiak, E.J., Perry, R.N. and Frisken, S.F., "iLamps: Geometrically Aware and Self-configuring Projectors" by Raskar, R., van Baar, J., Beardsley, P., Willwacher, T., Rao, S. and Forlines, C. and "Natural Video Matting using Camera Arrays" by Joshi, N., Matusik, W. and Avidan, S. were presented at ACM SIGGRAPH