Quadric Transfer for Immersive Curved Screen Displays

    •  Raskar, R., van Baar, J., Willwacher, T., Rao, S., "Quadric Transfer for Immersive Curved Screen Displays", Eurographics, August 2004.
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  • Research Area:

    Computer Vision


Curved screens are increasingly being used for high-resolution immersive visualization enfironments. We describe a new technique to display seamless images using overlapping projectors on curved quadric surfaces such as spherical or cylindrical shape. We exploit a quadric image transfer function and show how it can be used to achieve sub-pixel registration while interactively displaying two or three-dimensional datasets for a head-tracked user. Current techniques for automatically registered seamless displays have focused mainly on planar displays. On the other hand, techniques for curved screens currently involve cumbersome manual alignment to make the installation conform to the intended design. We show a seamless real-time display system and discuss our methods for smooth intensity blending and efficient rendering.


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