TALK    Speech recognition for closed-captioning

Date released: December 11, 2012

  •  TALK    Speech recognition for closed-captioning
  • Date & Time:

    Tuesday, December 11, 2012; 12:00 PM

  • Abstract:

    In this talk, I will present human-friendly broadcasting research conducted in NHK and research on speech recognition for real-time closed-captioning. The goal of human-friendly broadcasting research is to make broadcasting more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, including children, elderly, and physically challenged persons. The automatic speech recognition technology that NHK has developed makes it possible to create captions for the hearing impaired in real-time automatically. For sports programs such as professional sumo wrestling, a closed-captioning system has already been implemented in which captions are created by using speech recognition on a captioning re-speaker. In 2011, NHK General Television started broadcasting of closed captions for the information program "Morning Market". After the introduction of the implemented closed-captioning system, I will talk about our recent improvement obtained by an adaptation method that creates a more effective acoustic model using error correction results. The method reflects recognition error tendencies more effectively.

  • Speaker:

    Takahiro Oku
    NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories

    Takahiro Oku received his B.E. degree in system design engineering in 2001 and his M.E. degree in integrated design engineering in 2003 from Keio University. He joined Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) in 2003. Since 2007, he has been with the Science and Technology Research Laboratories of Japan Broadcasting Corporation, where he is currently engaged in speech recognition research for broadcasting.

  • Research Area:

    Speech & Audio