Global Optimization of Multi-period Optimal Power Flow

    •  Gopalakrishnan, A.; Raghunathan, A.U.; Nikovski, D.; Biegler, L.T., "Global Optimization of Multi-period Optimal Power Flow", American Control Conference (ACC), June 2013.
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In this work, we extend the algorithm proposed in [1] to solve multi-period optimal power flow (MOPF) problems to global optimality. The multi-period version of the OPF is time coupled due to the integration of storage systems into the network, and ramp constraints on the generators. The global optimization algorithm is based on the spatial branch and bound framework with lower bounds on the optimal objective function value calculated by solving a semidefinite programming (SDP) relaxation of the MOPF. The proposed approach does not assume convexity and is more general than the ones presented previously for the solution of MOPF. We present a case study of the IEEE 57 bus instance with a time varying demand profile. The integration of storage in the network helps to satisfy loads during high demands and the ramp constraints ensure smooth generation profiles. The SDP relaxation does not satisfy the rank condition, and our optimization algorithm is able to guarantee global optimality within reasonable computational time.