Sub-optimal Control Design of a Semi-active Vibration Reduction System

    •  Wang, Y.; Utsunomiya, K., "Sub-optimal Control Design of a Semi-active Vibration Reduction System", American Control Conference (ACC), ISSN: 0743-1619, ISBN: 978-1-4799-0177-7, June 2013, pp. 4110-4115.
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This paper considers the vibration reduction of transportation systems using semi-active actuators to improve the ride quality. Control design for the resultant semi-active system is difficult for nonlinear dynamics, constrained control, lack of performance-oriented nonlinear control design, and limited state information. A sub-optimal control structure is proposed to address the performance requirement by mimicking the optimal control. A specific sub-optimal control is provided and implemented with one measurement to reduce the hardware cost. Performance analysis of the sub-optimal control is investigated. The semi-active system with the suboptimal control is simulated to demonstrate the effectiveness.