A Speech-In List-Out Approach to Spoken User Interfaces

    •  Divi, V.; Forlines, C.; van Gemert, J.V.; Raj, B.; Schmidt-Nielsen, B.; Wittenburg, K.; Woelfel, J.; Wolf, P.; Zhang, F., "A Speech-In List-Out Approach to Spoken User Interfaces", Human Language Technology Conference, May 2004.
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  • Research Area:

    Speech & Audio

Spoken user interfaces are conventionally either dialogue based or menu-based. In this paper we propose a third approach, in which the task of invoking responses from the system is treated as one of retrieval from the set of all possible responses. Unlike conventional spoken user interfaces that return a unique response to the user, the proposed interface returns a shortlist of possible responses, from which the user must make the final selection. We refer to such interfaces as Speech-In List-Out or SILO interfaces. Experiments show that SILO interfaces can be very effective, are highly robust to degraded speech recognition performance, and can impose significantly lower cognitive load on the user as compared to menu-based interfaces.