Combadge: A Voice Messaging Device for the Masses

    •  Frankel, J.L., Bromberg, D., "Combadge: A Voice Messaging Device for the Masses", Asian Applied Computing Conference (AACC), December 2005.
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While the computer and communication revolutions have had a profound impact on the ways in which we all lead our lives, this impact has not reached much of the world's population. The Combadge project has created a portable device and affordable service that bring person-to-person communication technology to the developing world. This system design allows even illiterate people to exchange messages utilizing easy-to-use devices that communicate our inexpensive heterogeneous networks.


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      Date: December 10, 2005
      Where: Asian Applied Computing Conference (AACC)
      • The paper "Combadge: A Voice Messaging Device for the Masses" by Frankel, J. L. and Bromberg, D. was presented at the Asian Applied Computing Conference (AACC).