A New Representation for Device Color Gamuts

    •  Ronald N. Perry, Sarah F. Frisken, "A New Representation for Device Color Gamuts", Tech. Rep. TR2001-09, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Cambridge, MA, March 2001.
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An important part of color reproduction is the rendering of colors onto display devices, where the colors may be spot colors (e.g., tints) or the colors of a digitized photograph. Display devices, such as monitors and printers, are capable of showing only a subset of all perceivable colors; this subset is called the device color gamut. In this report, we identify a new variation of adaptively sampled distance fields (ADFs) for representing device color gamuts that overcome limitations of previous work. Associated algorithms for gamut testing and gamut construction are discussed. We then describe how the new representation fits nicely into the computational framework used in the ISO ICC specification, the international standard for color reproduction adopted by the industry.