Shadermaps: A Method For Accelerating Procedural Shading

    •  Jones, T.R., Perry, R.N., Callahan, M., "Shadermaps: A Method for Accelerating Procedural Shading", ACM SIGGRAPH, August 2001.
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Procedural shading has proven to be an indispensable tool for providing photorealistic, photosurrealistic, and artistic effects in computer generated animations. However, due to its computational cost, the time to produce a single frame is measured in hours or days. In this paper we introduce shadermaps, a new method for accelerating procedural shading which exploits inter-frame coherence to significantly reduce rendering times of animations.


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      • The papers "Computing 3D Geometry Directly from Range Images" by Frisken, S.F. and Perry, R.N., "A New Method for Numerical Constrained Optimization" by Perry, R.N., "Dynamic Meshing Using Adaptively Sampled Distance Fields" by Pope, J., Frisken, S.F. and Perry, R.N., "Shadermaps: A Method for Accelerating Procedural Shading" by Jones, T.R., Perry, R.N. and Callahan, M., "A Computationally Efficient Framework for Modeling Soft Body Impact" by Frisken, S.F. and Perry, R.N., "Kizamu: A System for Sculpting Digital Characters" by Perry, R.N. and Frisken, S.F. and "Surface Splatting" by Zwicker, M., Pfister, H., van Baar, J. and Gross, M. were presented at ACM SIGGRAPH.