TALK    Interesting and unusual forms of autostereo display

Date released: December 1, 2011

  •  TALK    Interesting and unusual forms of autostereo display
  • Date & Time:

    Thursday, December 1, 2011; 11:00 AM

  • Abstract:

    I'll give an information-rich survey presentation on "interesting and unusual" forms of autostereo display. It will assume basic knowledge of autostereo, e.g. lenticular and parallax barrier displays [unless, of course, you'd like a few minutes going over the basics.] I will discuss: spatially-multiplexed, time-multiplexed, and multi-projector systems. This includes: non-obvious depth cues, advances in parallax barrier displays, lenticulars, multi-projector / projection onto corrugated screens, scanned illumination, volumetric, and electro-holographic techniques.

  • Speaker:

    Gregg Favalora
    Optics for Hire (OFH)

    Gregg Favalora is Principal at Optics for Hire (OFH), a product engineering firm in Arlington, MA. Gregg spent the majority of his career developing autostereoscopic 3-D display systems at Actuality Systems, which was acquired by OFH.

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    Matthew Brand

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