SANE 2013 - Speech and Audio in the Northeast

October 24, 2013

Low Library Columbia University 8-11-06

The workshop is now over. Slides for the talks will be made available through the SANE News group.

SANE 2013, a one-day event gathering researchers and students in speech and audio from the Northeast of the American continent, will be held on Thursday October 24, 2013 at Columbia University, in New York City.

A follow-up to SANE 2012 held in October at MERL in Cambridge, MA, this year's SANE will be held in conjunction with the WASPAA workshop, held October 20-23 in upstate New York. WASPAA attendees are welcome and encouraged to attend SANE.

SANE 2013 will feature invited speakers from the Northeast, as well as from the international community. It will also feature a lively poster session during lunch time, open to both students and researchers.


  • Date: Thursday, October 24, 2013; 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Venue: Columbia University, New York, NY


8:45-9:15Registration and Breakfast
9:30-10:15Brian Kingsbury (IBM TJ Watson Research Center)
"Keyword Search on Realistically Degraded Speech"
10:15-11:00Yann Lecun (NYU)
"Learning Acoustic (and Visual) Feature Hierarchies"
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
11:30-12:15Mark Plumbley (Queen Mary University of London)
"Making Sense of Sounds"
12:15-1:00Jonathan Le Roux (MERL)
"Extracting speech from clutter using dynamical graphical models"
1:00-3:00Lunch / Poster Session
3:00-3:45Jort Gemmeke (KU Leuven)
"Compositional Models for Self-Taught Vocal Interfaces"
3:45-4:30Hank Liao (Google Research, NYC)
"Google-Scale Speech Recognition"
4:30-4:45Closing remarks

Poster Session

  • "Analysis-by-synthesis feature extraction for automatic speech recognition from partial spectral observations"
    Michael I. Mandel and Arun Narayanan (Ohio State University)
  • "Results on Automated Tuning of a Voice Quality Enhancement System Using Objective Quality Measures"
    Daniele Giacobello, Joshua Atkins, Jason Wung, and Raghavendra Prabhu (Beats by Dr. Dre)
  • "Removing the Effects of Whole Body Vibration Upon Speech"
    Rachel Bittner (NYU)
  • "Ambient Sound-based Proximity Detection with Smartphones"
    Hiroyuki Satoh (The University of Tokyo, Columbia)
  • "An MFCC-GMM Approach For Event Detection And Classification"
    Lode Vuegen (KU Leuven)
  • "Estimating Onset and Offset Asynchronies in Polyphonic Audio-to-Score Alignment"
    Johanna C. Devaney (Ohio State University)
  • "A Generative Product-of-Filters Model of Audio"
    Dawen Liang (Columbia)
  • "Introducing a Simple Fusion Framework for Audio Source Separation"
    Gael RICHARD, Xabier Jaureguiberry, Pierre Leveau, Romain Hennequin and Emmanuel Vincent (Telecom ParisTech, Audionamix, INRIA)
  • "Representation of speech in human auditory cortex"
    Nima Mesgarani (Columbia)
  • "Automatic Chord Recognition with Guitar-Specific Regularization"
    Erik J. Humphrey, Juan Pablo Bello (NYU)
  • "Probabilistic Latent Component Sharing for the Separation of Non-Orthogonally Overlapping Sources"
    Minje Kim, Gautham Mysore, Paris Smaragdis (UIUC, Adobe Research)
  • "Speech Enhancement by Sparse, Low-rank, and Dictionary Spectrogram Decomposition"
    Zhuo Chen (Columbia)


Registration is free but required. We will only be able to accomodate a limited number of participants, so we encourage those interested in attending this event to register as soon as possible by sending an email to rsvp[at]saneworkshop[dot]org with your name and affiliation.

Accommodation Information


The workshop will be hosted at the Schapiro Center for Engineering and Physical Science Research, Columbia University, in New York City, NY.

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MERL Columbia University