EVENT    MERL Hosts Annual Women in Science Luncheon

Date released: June 21, 2019

  •  EVENT    MERL Hosts Annual Women in Science Luncheon
  • Date & Time:

    Tuesday, June 18, 2019; 12:00PM

  • Location:

    201 Broadway, Cambridge, MA

  • Description:

    MERL hosted its annual "Women In Science Luncheon" to celebrate and inspire the Lab's team of female researchers, PhD student interns and members of the HQ staff. Beverly Shultz, author of "Skip the Typing Test, I’ll Manage the Software-A Woman’s Pioneering Journey in High Tech” joined the event to share her insights as a successful female engineer, who brought passion and technology business acumen to the male-dominated computer revolution.

    Beverly was a former Vice President of Engineering at Mitsubishi Electric of America and responsible to produce several versions of an early volume rendering product. She was the first female recipient of the MELCO’s President’s Award for Technology, for this work.

  • Speaker:

    Beverly Shultz

    Beverly Schultz has 20+ years of experience in the technology industry. In addition to her role at Mitsubishi Electric, she held the position of Senior Vice President of Engineering at Intellution, Inc., a subsidiary of Emerson Electric., building process control systems. She was responsible for building graphic chips, boards, and software as VP of Engineering, at Number Nine Visual Technology. She thrived as Vice President of Software Engineering at Avid Technology and spent 13 years at Digital Equipment Corporation, driving a number of their most successful software products, including compilers, software tools, operating systems and office products. Her passion for graphics and her love of building software and hardware drove her successful career.

  • MERL Contact:

    Elizabeth Phillips