EVENT    Fourth Annual Celebrating "Women in Science" Luncheon

Date released: August 7, 2018

  •  EVENT    Fourth Annual Celebrating "Women in Science" Luncheon
  • Date:

    Thursday, July 19, 2018

  • Location:


  • Description:

    We hosted the 4th Annual "Women in Science at MERL," event on July 19th. This year we celebrated the contributions of the eleven female interns, three female researchers, and some female members of HQ staff. MERL executives, managers and researchers participated in the event. MERL's interns and researchers were asked probing questions about how they are fulfilled in their work and how they facilitate innovation. This resulted in every participant feeling as though they were moving their field of science forward. Everyone left feeling inspired.

  • MERL Contacts:

    Elizabeth Phillips; Jinyun Zhang