EVENT    MERL Researcher Leads an HVAC Industry Publicity Event

Date released: December 3, 2015

  •  EVENT    MERL Researcher Leads an HVAC Industry Publicity Event
  • Date:

    Friday, November 6, 2015

  • Location:

    Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating

  • Description:

    Chris Laughman of MERL and Kevin Miskewicz of MEUS-HVAC led a webinar on Friday, November 6 with over 20 leading HVAC industry trade publications on new products that are being released, as well as the role that MERL plays in advancing the forefront of technology within Mitsubishi Electric. Titled "Inventing the Future of VRF (and Other Neat Stuff)", they discussed the innovations embodied in the new L-generation City-Multi system, as well as trends in the HVAC industry and some recently published MERL research in the HVAC area.

  • MERL Contact:

    Christopher R. Laughman

  • Research Area:

    Data Analytics