EVENT    Celebrating "Women in Science at MERL" luncheon

Date released: September 3, 2015

  •  EVENT    Celebrating "Women in Science at MERL" luncheon
  • Date & Time:

    Tuesday, August 4, 2015; 12:00

  • Location:

    Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories

  • Description:
    Women in Science at MERL
    Women in Science at MERL

    To celebrate "Women in Science at MERL," a luncheon event was organized on August 4. Eleven female interns, three female researchers, and female members of HQ staff, interns, hosts/managers and MERL executives participated in that event. All female interns introduced their research projects and their positive experiences at MERL; female researchers shared their own career development stories; and at the end all discussed how to be successful in the field of science. Every participant was inspired to continue contributing to the future of science.

  • MERL Contacts:

    Elizabeth Phillips; Jinyun Zhang