A Data-Driven Method for Predicting Capacity Degradation of Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries supply numerous devices with electric power and are critical part in a variety of applications. An accurate monitoring and prediction of capacity degradation is directly related to making timely decision as to when a battery should be replaced, so that power disruption of the system it supplies power to is avoided. We propose a methodology for predicting capacity of a battery over future time horizon. The proposed method is based on training data consisting of occasional measurements, taken under the same conditions, of capacity and charge/discharge voltage/current of a certain number of batteries sharing the same chemistry and manufacturer, that otherwise undergo different usage patterns. In the operational/online stage, capacity degradation over future time horizon of a test battery cell of unknown state of health and previous usage pattern is predicted based on its capacity and voltage/current measurements over one charge/discharge cycle and the training dataset. The experimental validation reveals that the proposed method predicts capacity of a test battery cell over prediction time horizon of few hundred days of battery’s operation with relative prediction error below 1%.