Wireless Communications & Signal Processing

Highly reliable, low-latency wireless communications in harsh environments.

The Wireless and Signal Processing team explores a wide range of problems in communications and advanced signal processing. In the area of wireless communications, we are developing physical layer (modulation, detection, coding) and network layer techniques that enable highly reliable and low-latency communications in home, office, outdoor, and factory environments. Our research efforts extend to channel modeling, interference detection and classification, indoor RF-based geolocation, UWB, MIMO, MIMO-OFDM and general multi-antenna systems, as well as advanced technologies that enable communication in extreme channel conditions.

We strive to apply our expertise in wireless signal processing to new areas/applications to the benefit of our parent company. To this end we have recently explored STAP (Space-Time Adaptive Processing) for location applications, battery modeling for electric vehicles, and smart grid-related detection and estimation problems.