If it moves, we control it.

The Mechatronics group conducts fundamental and applied research and develops advanced technology in the areas of mechatronic systems and control, merging advanced control theory, dynamical systems theory, physics, computer science, mechanical engineering, optics, embedded systems, and power electronics, all with the intent to expand the performance envelope of Mitsubishi Electric products. The Mechatronics Group has expertise in multivariable, nonlinear, optimal & model-predictive control theory, nonlinear estimation, nonlinear dynamical systems, mechanical design, laser processing & sensing, 3D CAD and rapid prototyping. The group is growing its research and development portfolio in these areas, with an emphasis on control systems and dynamical systems. The business drivers for this R&D program are twofold. First, the design and control of electromechanical systems is central to many areas of Mitsubishi Electric's business. Second, with the rapidly increasing power of embedded computation and sensing technologies, there is the opportunity for synergy among research in mechatronics and control and MERL's existing research strengths in computer and information technology.