Semantic Classification of Boundaries from an RGBD Image

    •  Soni, N.; Namboodiri, A.; Ramalingam, S.; Jawahar, C.V., "Semantic Classification of Boundaries from an RGBD Image", British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), DOI: 10.5244/C.29.114, ISBN: 1-901725.53-7, September 2015, pp. 114.1-114.12.
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  • Research Area:

    Computer Vision

The problem of labeling the edges present in a single color image as convex, concave, and occluding entities is one of the fundamental problems in computer vision. It has been shown that this information can contribute to segmentation, reconstruction and recognition problems. Recently, it has been shown that this classification is not straightforward even using RGBD data. This makes us wonder whether this apparent simple cue has more information than a depth map? In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm using random forest for classifying edges into convex, concave and occluding entities. We release a data set with more than 500 RGBD images with pixel-wise ground labels. Our method produces promising results and achieves an F-score of 0.84 on the data set.