Experimental Demonstration of 24-Dimensional Extended Golay Coded Modulation with LDPC

TR Image
WDM results comparing LDPC coded DP-BPSK with LDPC and extended Golay coded QPSK at a net bit rate of 46.6 Gb/s (including FEC overhead) with a 40 GHz channel spacing. Back-to-back results are presented in (a), while BER vs. launch power per channel at 160 recirculations (16,112 km) is presented in (b).

We experimentally demonstrate ultra-long haul transmission of 24-D extended Golay coded modulation with LDPC. Compared with LDPC coded DP-BPSK, an increase of 15% in reach was shown, with a 3 dB increase in launch power margin at a transmission distance of more than 16,000 km.