Persymmetric Parametric Adaptive Matched Filter for Multichannel Adaptive Signal Detection

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This paper considers a parametric approach for multichannel adaptive signal detection in Gaussian disturbance which can be modeled as a multichannel auto-regressive (AR) process and, moreover, possesses a persymmetric structure induced by a symmetric antenna geometry. By introducing the persymmetric AR (PAR) modeling for the disturbance, a persymmetric parametric adaptive matched filter (Per-PAMF) is proposed. The developed Per-PAMF extends the classical PAMF by exploiting the underlying persymmetric properties and, hence, improves the detection performance in training-limited scenarios. The performance of the proposed Per-PAMF is examined by the Monte-Carlo simulations and simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the Per-PAMF compared with the conventional PAMF and non-parametric detectors.