Flexible Voxels for Motion-Aware Videography

    •  Gupta, M.; Agrawal, A.; Veeraraghavan, A.; Narasimhan, S.G., "Flexible Voxels for Motion-Aware Videography", European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), ISBN: 3-642-15548-0 978-3-642-15548-2, September 2010.
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  • Research Area:

    Computer Vision

A video camera offers a fixed spatial resolution and frame rate independent of the scene. We propose different components of video camera design: a sampling scheme, processing of captured data and hardware that offer post-capture variable spatial and temporal resolution trade-offs. Our sampling scheme samples multiple spatio-temporal resolutions, without increasing the total number of measurements. Our post-processing allows for a continuum of different spatio-temporal resolutions, while minimizing the reconstruction artifacts due to aliasing. Using the motion information in the captured data, we decide the correct resolution for each location automatically. Our techniques make it possible to capture fast moving objects without motion blur, while simultaneously preserving high-spatial resolution for static scene parts within the same video sequence. Our sampling scheme requires a fast per-pixel shutter on the sensor-array, which we have implemented using a co-located camera-projector system.